A career in Finance

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People often say they want to work in ‘finance.’ But what is finance? There are so many different career paths that fall within this very broad industry. Here you can find out a bit more about some of the different fields within finance, to help you get a bit more of an understanding. Finance is a complexed, multi-layered industry, with everything from startups to huge organisations operating within it. Careers in finance can be very challenging, but equally rewarding.

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A Career in Finance

There is a huge variety of jobs available in finance, for school leavers and graduates. It’s important to consider carefully which sector – accountancy, investment management, banking or insurance – and, within your chosen sector, which job role would suit your personality, mix of skills and preferences.

A Career in Accounting

Accountants help organisations – from small charities to global businesses – and individuals to manage their finances so as to comply with relevant legal regulations and plan appropriately for the future. Because of the demands, accountancy would best suit people who:

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