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We believe Athletes are extremely valuable & employable. 

The Transition Phase is an early careers programme that supports talent from a high level sporting background successfully transition from sport to work. We have learnt from our own experience that there is a lack of support and help provided to athletes. We want to change that.

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An Athlete's Transferable Skills

“Athletes represent people who are disciplined, used to taking direction but able to take initiative, skills that are widely accepted as useful in the market.”

The Transition Phase: The Triangle

Our Process for your Success

Career Guidance - The Transition Phase

We utilise our own experience of having successfully transitioned from elite sport in to professional work, to support you through your own career transition and to help you recognise how valuable you can be to an organisation.

We have strong relationships with high profile organisations across a range of sectors, who are actively looking to hire people specifically like you!

Support Network - The Transition Phase

Our ever-growing community provides you with a support network of like-minded former athletes, who have been through their own successful career transitions and are passionate about helping others on their journey.

“As a former professional athlete, I’ve experienced first-hand a lack of specialist support and duty of care in place, to help individuals prepare for and thrive through career transition, which is why I’m passionate about providing support
and guidance to
our athletes.” – Riteesh

Career Guidance - The Transition Phase

Having been through our own career transitions, we recognise the transferable skills that elite athletes possess, and aim to help you channel and apply those skills in an alternative environment. We deliver workshops and provide support and guidance through the key stages of an athlete’s transition in order to secure the best outcome for you.

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The Transition Phase - Career Guidance

“We see it as our responsibility to educate organisations as to how individuals with an elite performance background possess a core set of behaviours and skills that can provide a competitive advantage,
if nurtured correctly.” – John

Career opportunities - The Transition Phase - Career Opportunties
Career opportunities - The Transition Phase - Career Opportunties

We have the expertise to help you as an athlete to know what the most suitable and relevant career paths are for you, based on your motivations, background and preferences.

Our relationships with organisations across a wide range of industries, gives us access to job opportunities that are relevant, and play to the strengths of candidates from a high performance sporting background. We partner with you to coach you throughout the application and interview process and are committed to finding the right career for you individually.

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“Career transition can be tough
– I was lucky to have a really strong support network around me but recognise that not everybody has access to this. I’m therefore passionate about providing an ongoing community of support to our athletes, enabling them to learn and develop together
as their careers progress.” – Sam

Support Network - The Transition Phase

We deliver tailored mentorship programmes, matching athletes with business professionals to provide you with the opportunity to develop your network and to receive cross-sector support and ongoing coaching and mentoring throughout the early stages of your career.

We also have a growing network of athletes who have successfully transitioned careers, allowing us to provide an online community for you to engage in, learn from and stay connected to individuals with similar experiences.

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Support Network - The Transition Phase

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