Edoardo Marshall

  • Sporting Background & Achievements: European University Champion and International Rower, Silver and Bronze Medalist and Junior Europeans, BUCS champion 2021
  • University & Subject: Politics and International Relations at the University of Reading 
  • Current Role: IT and Tech Recruitment Specialist
  • Career Transition Advice: People always say that the transferable skills from elite sport will help in the workplace and I can absolutely confirm that. Always use your innate determination, resilience and courage to your advantage, don’t make it something you only leave in a sporting background

Ellie Simonds-Gooding

  • Sporting Background & Achievements: GB World Class Start Rower
  • University & Subject: BSc Finance & Economics at York University 
  • Current Role: Research Consultant in mergers & acquisitions 
  • Career Transition Advice: Different companies operate in different ways and it’s about finding the right fit for you

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