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It is an elite athlete’s transferable skills and their charactoristics that they have developed through high performance sport, that can really make them stand out and excel in many environments away from sport. This section helps you understand how to identify and talk about these skills, which will give you the edge you need to be succesful in your career change.

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The Benefits of Dual-Careering

Will dual-careering hurt my performance? Short answer - no! There are many physical, mental and performance-based advantages to a dual-career. Many employers, as well as educational institutions, support athletes through a dual-career. Preparing for life after sport shouldn't be a last minute effort and a dual-career will lay the foundation for a secure and fulfilling career outside of and after competition.

Leadership & Being Prepared

"It gives you confidence as well, if I'm ever lucky enough to find the job that I want whether in cricket or something I want to be good at it but also confident in it. That's how I've felt in sport, when I go into a game I'm confident because I put the work in."

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