It’s fair to say long distance runner Rebecca Eggeling is not your typical 22 year old.

Whilst studying law at Edinburgh University her peers would be enjoying their summer breaks, Eggeling was gearing up for her summer season of racing, creating art work for London Galleries, studying various lawsuits and daydreaming about a move to the big city.

In her interview she talked of ‘chaos’, but she’s actually overlooked a key part of her CV. Not only has she won multiple medals on the track, but she was also a member of the Scottish Triathlon Squad for 3 years.

“I’ve always felt like there’s been a bit of a duality going on with me,” she says. “I feel there’s always been a few avenues that I could go down.”

“It was always a question of whether my sport or art would be the priority outside of academics. I do feel like balance is key, it might be my personality but I’ve always liked having focuses outside of my studies”.

“I like having running in my life and that’s never really going to change,” she said. “with athletics, you work towards a race or a competition, and then get that feeling of reward when you run a PB or get a medal”

“It’s very similar in the world of recruitment, the more work you put in, the better you are at building that rapport with people and finding them the jobs that they’ll love.”

“Obviously, there’s reward in finding someone a new career, but also there’s the financial incentive as well, if you’re working crazy hours you’re going to see the financial reward out of that as well.”

She has just graduated from Edinburgh University but she decided not to pursue a career in Law. Instead, Rebecca reached out to the team at TTP for help in her graduate job hunt.

“I think Law was missing that element of creativity that I love. After exploring my options with the TTP team, I came across recruitment as a potential career path.”

“I thought to myself: ‘okay, this is actually touching on more of the entrepreneurial spirit I’m after’ which can make work seem a bit more exciting”

“I think it does also have that level of competitiveness, and I feel as though I can translate what I’ve learnt from sport into what I want out of my career”

Eggeling has yet to start her role as a consultant at our client firm Codex, but she has already set her sights on hitting up the London art scene once she makes the move down!

“It’s a relaxing thing for me to do, just a little bit of painting” she tells us, “I don’t really manage to do it as much as I would hope to because of juggling this dual-career, but the London Galleries will be a weekend must for me!”

With a new chapter on the horizon and another string added to her bow, we wish Rebecca all the best of luck with her move to London!