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We believe Athletes are extremely valuable & employable. 

The Transition Phase is an early careers programme that supports talent from a high level sporting background transition into the workplace. Our goal is to connect organisations to the high potential talent available from athletes. 

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The Value Of An Athlete - The Transition Phase

“Athletes represent people who are disciplined, used to taking direction but able to take initiative, skills that are widely accepted as useful in the market.”

The Transition Phase: The Triangle

Our Process

Talent Attraction - The Transition Phase

Our relationships with educational institutions, sporting governing bodies and professional sports clubs provide us with access to talent from high level sporting backgrounds who possess a set of desirable and transferrable skills.

Hiring Talent - The Transition Phase

We help you to hire high potential talent from a diverse background who are high achievers, team players and possess future leadership capabilities. All of our athletes have valuable skill-sets that will help to differentiate your business from others in the market.

Our network of athletes who have been through transition can provide ongoing support and career mentorship that is specific and tailored towards transitioning athletes. We also give business leaders the opportunity to mentor our network of athletes, allowing organisations to give back to a beneficial and worthwhile process.

“As a former professional athlete, I’ve experienced first-hand a lack of specialist support and duty of care in place, to help individuals prepare for and thrive through career transition, which is why I’m passionate about providing support and guidance to
our athletes.”
– Riteesh

Our growing network of athletes derive from a variety of backgrounds, granting your organisation the opportunity to engage with and attract diverse, high potential talent.

We are committed to getting to know our athletes over a long period of time and pledge to educate them around the opportunities that exist outside of sport, whilst also assessing their key drivers and motivations for their future careers.

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The Transition Phase - Career Guidance

“We see it as our responsibility to educate organisations as to how individuals with an elite performance background possess a core set of behaviours and skills that can provide a competitive advantage, if nurtured correctly.”
– John

Career opportunities - The Transition Phase - Career Opportunties

We specialise in placing candidates who are suitable for apprenticeship, graduate and junior level career pathways. We will help you to match your early career needs with talent that have been screened and qualified.

Our athletes are all ready to transition their careers away from sport and we are confident that they will bring a wealth of advantage to your organisation, positioning themselves as team players, high achievers and future leaders.

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“Career transition can be tough
– I was lucky to have a really strong support network around me but recognise that not everybody has access to this. I’m therefore passionate about providing an ongoing community of support to our athletes, enabling them to learn and develop together as their careers progress.” – Sam

Our mentorship programme gives organisations and their leaders the opportunity to work with, support and nurture individuals from unique backgrounds. They give organisations the opportunity to give back to a beneficial and worthwhile process, allowing them to have a social and societal impact on athletes and their careers.

Our programme aims to complement other schemes in the marketplace, or within individual organisations, where cross-company mentoring is usually only available to specific minority groups or very senior individuals.

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Support Network - The Transition Phase
Our Sister Company: Hansen Filler - The Transition Phase

Why we are different…

At The Transition Phase, we view ourselves as unique not only because we have been through our own career transitions, but also because we have the connections necessary to place our athletes into excellent jobs. 
Hansen Filler is a boutique recruitment company who work with and support a wide range of organisations across a number of different industries. Our existing network of clients are committed to the success of our athletes meaning we have both the tools and expertise to place talent in the right places. 
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“I believe my biggest trait derived from my sporting career is perseverance and proving before requesting. In my experience, people tend to first ask for, and then they deliver. Personally, I like to have the ability and the urge to prove to an employer what I am capable of, and through those actions, establish the respect and/or value that my performance warrants.”

Diversify your Talent.

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