Ballet dancer and self-confessed yogi Sophie Verstraeten shares her tips for maintaining a good work- life balance, her career highlights so far, and the benefits of sport on her wellbeing in and out of the office.

Can you tell us a bit about your sporting background and journey so far?

I graduated from the University or Exeter with a Masters in English Literary Studies, undertaking my degree alongside my passion for dance which saw me work my way up to grade 7 ballet. Whilst my days of ballet are behind me for the time being, I’ve fallen in love with yoga in the last year. Practicing for at least one hour a day not only helps keep my body and mind in good shape, but also helps me with my work.

On the topic of work, how are you finding your new role in the world of recruitment?

Speaking honestly, recruiting can be stressful, but I’m finding that my love for yoga is really helping me maintain balance. It’s all about control under applied pressure which translates well to work. As much as it can be tough at times, I am loving the new challenges it offers me. Every day I am learning something new, whether that be about the recruitment practice itself or the sectors and industries we recruit into.

What tips or advice would you give other athletes starting out in a new career?

I always thought that my experience as a performer and that explosive energy would be the most translatable into a competitive spirit in the workplace. However, I have found myself recognising more aspects of the mental benefits of athleticism in my career, like consistency, patience, and steady strength which I have adopted in my yoga practices. So, I would say train your brain like you train your body; focus on how elements of your physical practice can translate into your day-to-day life.

Any final words for our athlete community?

TTP helped me to understand the link between my sporting past and my future as a consultant. They encouraged me to consider how the best aspects of myself as a professional can have developed from my practices and how those could continue to help me grow in a professional setting!

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us and for sharing your top tips with us Sophie!