Understanding careers outside of sport

We work with some of the biggest and best brands who want to hire athletes as their future leaders. So we know first hand, what organisations look for, and what career paths look like. Here we have provided you with information about various career paths and opportunities that we think are most relevant and suitable to you as an elite performance athlete.

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Current Job Opportunities

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A career in Business Development and Sales

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A career in Sport & Fitness

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A career in Engineering

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A career in Banking & Finance

A Career in Finance

There is a huge variety of jobs available in finance, for school leavers and graduates. It’s important to consider carefully which sector – accountancy, investment management, banking or insurance – and, within your chosen sector, which job role would suit your personality, mix of skills and preferences.

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A career in Human Resources

A Career in Human Resources

Although ‘human resources’ can often be used to refer to the people who make up an organisation’s workforce, ‘HR’ is more widely understood to be the department that oversees the people and everything to do with the people who work for a company– such as...

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A career in IT

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A career in Law

A Career in Law

When you hear the word ‘law’, you will probably think about things like the TV series Suits, with intense court room battles, judges wearing ridiculous robes, and multitudes of people sentenced to jail-time...

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A career in Consulting

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A career in Marketing

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A career in Recruitment

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